FUSImage Demos

Temperature accuracy test.mp4

Video summary of temperature measurement accuracy test using our AR glasses with thermal vision Proof-Of-Concept, aimed at mobile, mass fever screening


Thermal camera based, automatic, online fever screening, overlapped on CMOS video.

Note that true forehead temperature of healthy individuals is approx. in the range of 34-35 deg. Cel.

Displayed values are according to a mapping used by commercial handheld IR thermometers


POC system demo (real time, different color fusion modes, different detector types, different illumination conditions)

Monoscope system demo (real time, different monochromatic fusion modes)


Driving with Day - Thermal - Fused; Some random footage to make two points:

  • Thermal vision shows so much more at night than just headlights, but
  • It is not so familiar/intuitive to the untrained user

=> One of the reasons for Fused visualization


Augmented Reality with thermal vision - first run of the system; for demos of more advanced visualizations please contact us