Our Vision

Imagine you are Super-Human, see through darkness, fog, dust or smoke, in all weather conditions Turning the night to daylight…Imagine!

We at FUSIMAGE are working hard to deliver to you 3D Fused-Thermal-Imaging technology, Augmented-Reality on the Physical World scene, Real-Time.

We at FusImage seek mobility and vision at night time + hands-free Temparature Map monitoring

See Anytime Anywhere! Now you can!

Our field of expertise:

Technology solutions for advanced applications of thermal imaging:

  • Augmented Reality with Thermal (IR) images

  • Fusion of Thermal and Visible spectrum images

  • 24/7, All-weather, intelligent imaging solution for Homeland Security (HLS) and Search & Rescue applications

  • Multi - channel (RGB + Thermal) analytics in Real Time

  • In order to get a better idea of what we are doing, please visit our Demos and Products pages

About the company:

  • An experienced R&D team with relevant intellectual property and Know-How.

  • Currently working as a spin-off under IP of Senso-Optics LTD

  • Looking for strategic partners and initial funding of 3M US$ from the public to productize and market the Thermal AR Glasses

The opportunity

Based on market study and other use-cases, we predict conservatively a market capture of over $200 million value in 3 yrs.

Main market verticals:

  • Better mobility at night (walking & cycling) to all people, empowering life quality (especially to people with "night blindness");

  • Medical /Clinical (e.g. the novel neuro-imaging technique in brain surgeries);

  • Fire-Fighting;

  • Maintenance;

  • Mining;

  • Search & Rescue;

  • Smart-Safe Cities, HLS, Security;

  • Gas detection;

  • Defense (Digital future smart Soldier, etc.);

We welcome visionaries to our Vision!

Further details in this presentation:


Our Partners:

Contact us at: info@fusimage.com